Trademarks are the "good names" that make your top performances into a commercial value. They give your products and services a name and mirror the quality of an enterprise. A trademark is part of a company's intellectual property rights and needs to be protected.

We will assist you in all questions regarding the registration of a trademark and undertake the necessary steps for the registration quickly and efficiently. We will conduct a research prior to the application to determine whether your chosen trademark is already used as a trademark in a similar form and help you find a new design that matches your products or services and distinguishes them from the goods and services of other companies. A trademark will only be registered if it is able to assign the products and services uniquely to your company. If a trademark is not sufficiently distinctive for certain goods and services, it will not be registered.

A trademark can be a sign, a name, a symbol or a combination of those elements. We will help you develop a list of Goods and Services of the Nice Agreement, that specifies which goods and services are protected for your trademark. If an opposition against your application should arise, we will provide detailed advice to prevent unnecessary court proceedings.

Registration of a trademark confers to its owner the rights to use, sell or assign his trademark at any time. In Germany, in order to be granted protection, a trademark must be registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich. The trademark can be indefinitely renewed, it can last forever. Anyway, a renewal fee must be paid every ten years, otherwise the registration will be cancelled.

A trademark can be protected on a national, European or international level. For protection in the EU countries an application for an European Union trade mark must be filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office - EUIPO. For worldwide protection the trademark must be registered at the World Intellectual Property Office-WIPO.

After the filing of a trademark, we will offer monitoring services to prevent infringements from third parties or a loss of rights